Ave Maria Law Hurricane Preparations - During

These are measures you should take to be prepared during a hurricane.

What to do During a Hurricane

  • Go to an interior room such as an inside closet or bathroom, preferably with no windows. If the room has a window, keep the window covered.
  • Stay off the phone because lightning may accompany the storm.
  • Close the interior doors to all of the rooms in the house in case some damage occurs to one or some of the rooms but not all of them.
  • Take supplies with you into the room, including food, water, medications, flashlight, battery-powered radio, cellphone and charger, extra batteries, pet food, and plastic bags.
  • Bring first aid items and important papers.
  • Bring a mattress into the room to buttress against the door or have it ready to hide under if necessary.
  • Bring something to do as hurricanes can take hours to pass.
  • Stay inside until you are positive the storm has passed and it is not the eye of the storm.